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The East Africa Project is currently working on several projects. Read more below! 

Mission Team- February 2020

This team from Bellevue Baptist Church from Memphis, TN will be traveling to Kenya, Africa. Our primary purpose will be teaching and discipleship. Ministry opportunities will include hosting conferences for local pastors and their wives, and a graduation celebration for Seeds High School. The team will also visit a children’s home, three schools, and a ministry to widows. 



CARE for AIDS operates Centers in multiple communities throughout East Africa. Each center is located within a local church, which is local, cost effective, and discreet for our clients. Each center has two Kenyan or Tanzanian counselors who guide HIV+ clients through a nine-month process. Throughout the nine months, we work to empower clients in five main areas: spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially, and economically.


Mathere School Project

This project will help outfit the school recently constructed in the Mathere Slum of Nairobi. Our goal is to fundraise $5,000 to outfit the school with the necessities for the school to function. The $5,000 would cover school uniforms for each child and food to supply each child with one meal per day. We hope to also provide students with tables, chairs, and textbooks. The cost would also cover items for the teachers such as salaries, tables, cupboards, teaching supplies, and more. 

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