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Jeff and Susan Moser


In 2019, Jeff felt a call from God to do more than just yearly, short-term mission trips to Africa.  With a leap of faith, he started The East Africa Project in order to have a greater, long-term impact on ministries led by Kenyans. Since 2009 Jeff and his wife, Susan, have been involved in leading mission teams from Memphis, Tennessee to Kenya.  Working with these indigenous organizations, they helped with water filtration and school supplies distribution. They led in-country seminars on small business techniques, leadership, education, and more.  Jeff and his teams have also been a part of facilitating medical and vision clinics. All of these experiences created a passion to do more for the Kenyan people, and The East Africa Project became the solution. 

In the corporate world, Jeff has been a successful IT Project Manager for close to 40 years, working for several companies across multiple disciplines.  His software development projects included Mortgage Banking, Tax and Investor Relations systems, LIFO accounting, Forest Resources accounting, Telecommunications Auditing and Reporting and Business Intelligence & Analytics.  His project management roles included SAP Finance, SAP manufacturing, Telecom Expense Management, and T&E Auditing.  His projects spanned the US, Europe, South America & Asia. He has managed cross-functional teams with members from around the world.


 It’s amazing to me how God gives us ‘training’ in skills before we even know we’ll need them.  As an IT project manager for International Paper, I spent a good portion of the late 90’s traveling around the United States for work.  Almost immediately after I got back from my first mission trip outside the US, my company expanded the scope of our project to include overseas locations.  Over the next few years, I learned all the ins and outs of international travel — like always try to get a rental car with an automatic transmission in England because it’s really difficult to teach your left hand how to shift.


Since that time I’ve been fortunate to be able to travel around North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America.  Every time I got my passport stamped, read a train schedule, or conducted a meeting through an interpreter, God was teaching me skills that would later come into play on mission trips and now founding The East Africa Project.


David learned to kill lions and bears before he tackled Goliath.  Moses was raised in Pharoah’s court so he would later be able to converse with Pharoah as equals.  Sometimes the things that seem the most random, like my job suddenly taking me around the world, will be the skillset that God wanted me to have now for The East Africa Project.  As I worked in project management overseas, God was preparing me to lead The East Africa Project.  


I hope that you will consider donating financially, coming to Africa with us, or simply being a prayer partner with The East Africa Project. Most importantly, I hope you are encouraged that God has you right where you need to be for what He is preparing you to do in the future. Who knows? It might take you all the way to Africa. . .


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