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Call to Obedience

Today we were able to witness what it looks like when people take the call of obedience to God in their life seriously. And what a beautiful thing God does when His children answer this call.

Pastor Richard and his wife, Helen, first started by feeding children out of their home and removing chiggers from their feet. These children now stood today as the first graduating class of Seeds High School. Over the last 14 years, Pastor Richard and Helen have answered the call that God gives us to simply say “yes” to Him in the little decisions in life. They then saw how He is faithful to show up in greater and mightier ways then they could have ever imagined. They have prayed year after year as they literally built grade after grade. They petitioned the Lord to send teachers and staff and funds to make the school possible. And because of their great faith and saying yes to obedience, the trajectory of hundreds of lives have been changed – here in Kenya and in eternity.

Today we were able to celebrate all that the Lord has done. The kids danced, sang, and performed poems. Their teachers were able to recognize the student’s hard work. Several from our Bellevue team were able to challenge and encourage these students to trust in the Lord for what is next. Some of these students will become lawyers, drivers, dressmakers, store owners, and doctors. They will make a impact on Kenya, and potentially other nations. But at the end of the day, they will make an eternal impact as they have seen and been taught to say “yes” to Jesus and His call of obedience.

Have you said "yes" to Jesus? Are you listening to His call of obedience on your life? The Bible says faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains, and today, that mountain was 19 Kenyan students who grew up in poverty graduating from Seeds High School – all because of faith.

I also have to add here our new friends robed us in Masai warrior robes and necklaces. We then had a huge dance party. And let me tell you – there is nothing like an African dance party, y’all. :)

Until next time!! – Hannah Kennedy

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